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Driving Schools Guide

Learning to drive is a simple process that simply takes time and commitment. Of course, it also requires that you understand the process that you’ll have to go through to get the coveted driver’s license.

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California Drivers Education Online
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Driver’s Ed

To begin, you’ll need to sign up for driver’s education (or driver’s ed) to prepare you with the basic knowledge of what is expected of you. The driver’s ed courses are designed to enable you to pass the written examination that will authorize you to receive your provisional license from the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles. This is the first of two examinations that are required of you to get your license. The second examination is a behind-the-wheel road test that, if passed, will grant you your driver’s license. Driver’s ed used to be limited to local high schools, but recently there has been an influx of independent private instructors and classes, in addition to online courses. Online courses offer a benefit in that they are fast-paced and under your control. These courses will teach you how to read road signs, what to do in hypothetical situations, and how to navigate on the road. There is no physical behind-the-wheel training in driver’s ed.

Driver’s Training

The behind-the-wheel training comes after you pass the DMV’s first permit test and receive your provisional license. Now you are legally allowed to begin your training on the road. Driver Training is composed of two things: lessons by a professional instructor (driver’s training) and experience gained with your parents in the passenger seat. You are required to get at least 50 hours of training (10 of which must be night driving). It is crucial that you take every opportunity you have to learn and perfect your skills. This will enable you to gain valuable confidence and experience that will contribute to your becoming a safe and excellent driver. Driver’s training may be frightening the first time, but you quickly gain confidence as an instructor walks you through the driving process as they sit in the passenger seat. Your instructor has a steering wheel and brake set of his or her own that they can use when they see possible danger.

The Driver’s License

Once you feel you are adequately prepared, you can take your driver’s license examination. This is also administered by the DMV, and you should schedule an appointment with them beforehand to avoid the hassle of long lines and confusion. During the exam, keep your cool and drive safely, and you will be on your way to getting a license.

Of course, this initial license is not without limitations. You will be restricted from driving between 11 PM and 5:00 AM and you may not have passengers under age 20 on your car, unless you are accompanied by your parents or a guardian. As you begin to gain greater confidence, it is important that you remember the rules of safe driving. Reckless driving will not only get you caught, but also endanger the lives of others. Watch out not only for yourself, but also others – a key idea known as defensive driving that you will learn in driver’s ed. Traffic school should not be viewed as an easy excuse out of increased insurance if you ever get caught driving unsafely. Instead, take the time to reflect on how to become a better and safer driving, and observe the rules of the road.

Happy driving.

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